High School Sailing

Junior Sailing of Beaufort actively supports high school sailing teams at Beaufort High School and Beaufort Academy.  If you’re a current high school sailor and need to pay your season fees go to http://ezregister.com/events/18058/

What is High School Sailing all about, and what is my child doing in it?
1.  Most of the boats used are called 420s.  These are 14 feet long and have a main and jib. Some students will occasionally sail single person boats called Lasers, but these are usually the more advanced sailors and have a few specific regattas associated with them.
2.  420s are sailed by 2 person crews; the crews can be co-ed, but there is no requirement that they be mixed.  Sailing is a sport that where women and men can compete on an even playing field.
3.  JSB’s coaches are volunteers.  Our coaches are both veteran, racing sailors that sail competitively locally, regionally, and nationally and bring years of racing experience to their practices.
4.  Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club sponsors Junior Sailing of Beaufort.  They provide the sailing venue and storage for our boats as well as support during regattas and fund raising activities.
5.  Practices are held on Tuesdays and Fridays weather permitting.
6.  Racing takes place at Regattas (a regatta is a series of races). Regattas are generally held on the weekends during the season in Fall and Spring.  Most regattas are one day events, however, there are a couple that may be two day regattas.  Away regattas can be as far south as Brunswick, GA or as far north as Charlotte, NC.   We belong to the South Atlantic Interscholastic Association (SAISA) as do many other high schools around the region.  Our district is subdivided into North and South in order to ease travel requirements for the many teams we have in Florida.
7.  Most regattas are setup for fleet racing.  Fleet races are when the boats all start at the same time (to a series of sound signals), and sail a designated course.  Typically races last about 15 minutes each and can have many races in each division.
8.  Sailing works on low point scoring system, first place receives 1 point, second place 2 points, and so on. Most fleet races use 2 divisions, A & B.  Boats are rotated through the teams.  So for example, the A division will sail 2 races and then the B division will sail the next boat listed in the rotation.  The races are relatively short, and sometimes 8 to 10 races can be sailed in a day for each division.  Most teams have alternate sailors who will rotate in for one or more of the races.  Teams win or lose based on a combination of their A Division and B Division scores for the entire Regatta. Prizes are also awarded for the top teams in each Division.
9.  The Fall season runs from late August to the middle of November. The Spring season in February and ends around Memorial Day.  There is also a summer race team which is open to all ages and dinghies.  This is run by the JSB Race Team.
If you’re interested in joining the high school race team please contact sailinginfo@beaufortsailing.com