Level 2 Dinghy Sailing

level2Completed Introduction to Sailing? Do you have a bit of sailing experience? Can you hold a course and sail a straight line? Then welcome to Single Handed Dinghy Sailing! Time to learn how to sail single handed and become master and commander of a sailboat! New this year is that we will be using 3 different single handed dinghies each targeted at a different weight range. The boats used are:

  • Optimist – 7ft 9in long, sailor weight range from 65-110 lbs, 10 available
  • O’Pen BIC – 9ft 0in, sailor weight range from 65-140 lbs, 4 available
  • Laser – 13ft 10in, sailor weight range from 120-220 lbs, 3 available with Radial Sail rigs

The class curriculum includes upwind and downwind sailing, tacks and jibs, proper sail trim, use of wind indicators, knowing and using the different points of sail, determining wind direction, basic sailing knots as well as more advanced safety skills. Single Handed Dinghy Sailing focuses on developing a sailor who can sail around a fixed course comfortably by himself or herself. Class size is limited to a maximum of 8 students per session. Completion of Introduction to Sailing and a sailor weight compatible with one of the 3 offered boats is required. Successful completion of Level 2 Dinghy Sailing usually requires a student to have completed two sessions. Sessions are 2 weeks long and run M-F.

Prerequisites for all Learn to Sail Program Levels:

  • Age – 8+
  • Weight – 40 lbs +
  • Skills – Must pass swim test

Which Class is right for my child?

Sign your child up for Level 2 Dinghy Sailing, if:

  • Your child has skippered their own boat
  • Your child went through Level 1 Introduction to Sailing last summer and participated in our Fall/Winter program or other sailing practices
  • Your child went through Level 2 Dinghy Sailing last summer and would like additional solo practice


Skills Developed:

  • Rigging
  • Advanced Safety (self rescue, weather awareness, etc)
  • Sailing Upwind and Downwind single handed
  • Basic Sail Theory
  • Advanced Boat Handling Skills (docking / mooring / control position / tacks / jibes)
  • Proper use of Wind Indicators
  • Proper sail trim
  • knowing and using the different points of sail


Single Handed Dinghy Sailing 2019 Class Schedule:

  • June 3-7, June 10-14
  • June 17-21, June 24-28

Cost: $475 / 2 week session
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