Discover Sailing

NEW for 2017, JSB is providing a Discover Sailing program for the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Summer Camp.

Discover Sailing is a fun introduction to the sport of sailing. BYSC campers will learn the basics of sailing through the hands on experience of rigging, crewing, and even skippering a sailboat. This course is designed to be a no-stress, first-time sailing experience. It will expose children to the joy of sailing under direct supervision, as a team adventure with other campers. Campers will be taught the basics of sailing safety, sail trim, steerage, points of sail, and rigging, but above all – they will be able to discover the love of sailing and the exhilaration of safely harnessing the wind to zip across the water!

The BYSC Summer Camp is for kids who want the waterfront fun but don’t want to focus their time on sailing – or haven’t even been exposed to the enjoyment of sailing yet.  The Discover Sailing program will give children a taste of sailing so those who have never sailed before can have the opportunity to fall in love with the sport of sailing and continue on to education through JSB’s Learn to Sail Classes. The Discover Sailing experience is not an introductory class but is a short sailing experience. Children interested in focusing on sailing should still sign up for a Learn to Sail Class through JSB.