Adult Sailing

Dinghy Sailing Basics

Go from your first experience sailing a dinghy to sailing on your own in no time! This class was designed with busy adults in mind. It has small class sizes and a fast pace to make the most of your time.

Students with begin their instruction with Session 1, a sailing introduction on a Hunter 15, sailing with the instructor and one other student. The Hunter 15 is a stable boat with a main and jib sail, giving each of the students different jobs depending on their position. This session gives the students a chance to obtain hands-on practice in each position with the comfort and security of having an instructor on board. It also allows instruction to happen while the boat is in motion! Session 1 will be 2 hours long.

During Session 2, students will rig and sail Sunfish, a single-handed sailing dinghy. Everything the students learned during Session 1 will be applied as all 4-6 students join up for this new sailing experience. The instructor will assist the students with coaching from a nearby power boat as the students rotate into the boats and practice maneuvering the boats themselves. Session 2 is longer to allow for adequate practice time and will be a total of 4 hours.

Students will be introduced to:

  • Sailing terminology
  • How sailboats are powered by the wind
  • Points of sail
  • Using sail controls
  • Changing direction with tacks and jibes
  • Rigging and de-rigging the boat

This class is ideal for BYSC members who would like to learn and understand the basics to take advantage of the ability to use the club’s Sunfish sailboats after completing the class.


$125/student for the two session class.


When we have 4 students with compatible schedules, we can make a class happen! If the interest is high and responses are fast, the first class could begin May 17th. Please fill out our simple form and you’ll be contacted by the instructor to fine tune the class times.

Interest Response Form

If Dinghy Sailing Basics isn’t the class for you, or you can’t participate right now, please still fill out our form to let us know what type of adult sailing classes you are looking for.

Instructor Information

Tauri Duer is a BYSC member with 20 years of dinghy and keel boat sailing experience.  Tauri has taught sailing and boating safety to area juniors through Beaufort Community Sailing & Boating programs like Spirit of America, Learn to Sail, and spring and fall programs ever since her kids got bit by the sailing bug a few years ago! She instructed the BYSC Summer Camp sailing program in 2017 and can frequently be found on the river sailing or helping with the club’s racing scene.

The mission of Beaufort Community Sailing and Boating is to provide opportunities for juniors and adults to get on the water and enjoy the sport of sailing. Our adult sailing classes welcome all members of the community 15 years old and up.